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COVID–19 saw a shift in how some ambulance crews and rapid response teams operated across the UK, from forming collaborative response and mobile support units, to creating purpose-built temporary Read More…

STOP THE BLEED: More Lives Could Be Saved If Public Received Trauma Response Training

Safeguard Medical is calling for the introduction of life-saving bleed kits across the UK and offering over 500 places on FREE bleed control training sessions for UK public, following the news that 87% of emergency responders say they believe more lives could be saved if the public were to receive basic trauma response training. In a recent survey […]

National Fitness and Wellness Charity Challenge Launched to Support Emergency Services

Emergency services teams and those that support the blue light community are being encouraged to register to take part in a month-long fitness and wellbeing charity challenge to raise money for four emergency services charities. The Blue Light Get Active Challenge has been launched by national charities The Fire Fighters Charity, The Air Ambulance Service, The Ambulance Staff Charity and Police […]

Why Funding For Paramedic Students Should Be Available To All

By Megan Durling As a student paramedic in England with a previous undergraduate degree, my motivation to become a paramedic comes at a significant personal cost — £27,750 in tuition fees to be precise. Unlike my peers who are studying nursing, midwifery and nine other Allied Healthcare Professional (AHP) courses as a second undergraduate degree, […]