Approximately 8,000 People Sampled In One Day By MDA: 4,000 Via “Drive Thru” Testing

Many thousands of corona virus samples were performed by MDA teams across the country on Tuesday.

Alongside the ongoing testing at homes, about 4,000 people arrived at Magen David Adom’s and the Ministry of Health’s complexes.

It is estimated that by midnight, the number of samplers across the country will reach about 8,000 in total.

At the “Drive Throu” complex in Tel Aviv, which will be open throughout the night, 1,200 people were sampled to this time, in Jerusalem 791, in Haifa 822, and in Be’er Sheba, samples were taken today from 567 people in total.

At the same time, Magen David Adom’s and the Ministry of Health’s mobile complexes, which reached Bnei Brak, sampled 250 people, with the complex continuing to operate until midnight, and tomorrow throughout the day. 

In the mobile complex that reached Tamra, 261 people were sampled, and in the mobile complex that reached Modi’in, dozens of people were sampled by this time, and more are expected to arrive in the coming hours.

MDA emphasizes that anyone who has symptoms, and is able to arrive in his own in a private vehicle to be tested at the “Drive Throu” complex, is asked to do so after receiving MDA approval, to allow MDA teams to reach the homes of people unable to reach the complexes as quickly as possible.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “Thousands of corona tests are performed every day across the country, with more and more citizens sampling at Magen David Adom’s “Drive Throu” complexes.’

“This allows for an increase in the number of tests performed in Israel, I call anyone who has symptoms during the isolation to contact 101 Hotline, and make an appointment to take a sample in the area close to his home.’

“MDA EMTs and paramedics also continue to take samples in the homes of citizens who are unable to reach the “Drive Throu” complexes on their own.”

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