United Hatzalah Hands Out Specially Designed Protective Vests and Helmets To EMS Volunteers In Gaza Periphery


United Hatzalah distributed specially designed protective tactical vests and helmets to its volunteer EMS personnel in the city of Sderot and the Gaza periphery in order to protect them from missiles whilst working—a result of the ongoing unrest in the Middle East.

The volunatry EMS organisation, which provides all of its services for free, distributed the protective gear to its volunteers throughout the region in order to allow them to more safely respond to medical emergencies.

“We have been working together with one of Israel’s leading companies to design specialized tactical gear that will protect our volunteers in times of violence and crisis,” said President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer. 

Eli Beer, President & Founder, United Hatzalah

Beer continued: “When responding to medical emergencies, the most important thing is the safety of the responder. Since the rocket escalation in the summer of 2019, we have sought a solution to protect our volunteers so that they will be safer and able to respond to medical emergencies during prolonged rocket barrages. ‘

“This weekend, we finally were able to distribute the fruits of our labors to the volunteers in the region. The distribution came not a moment to soon as waves of rockets were launched at Israel on Sunday.”

The organisation worked together with T9, a company that specialises in creating tactical solutions to both civilian and security personnel including first responders.

After designing the specialised EMS response vests and helmets, the company supplied United Hatzalah with hundreds of sets that were purchased with money that was donated to the organisation during various campaigns over the past year. 

CEO of T9 Liran Cohen said: “We were inspired by the knowledge that these people are saving lives of Israeli citizens on a daily basis, but they themselves do not have proper protective gear.’

“Today, in the entire field of civilian emergency medicine there is no operational answer to protecting caregivers in times of attack, even though the circumstances in which the volunteer responders are called upon to treat injured or sick people are similar to those in which elite military medics are used.’

“The new vests and helmets will allow for civilian EMTs and paramedics to wear the proper protective equipment to ensure the best chance for their survival, and the most comfort, so that they can provide expert medical care even under the duress of rocket attacks or other instances of violent nature.’

“This is a groundbreaking step in patient care and will allow United Hatzalah’s volunteers to do their work with the highest level of care and safety possible so that they can save more lives.” 

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