Independent Ambulance Providers Reach Out To NHS Ambulance Chiefs

The Independent Ambulance Association has reached out to hard pressed NHS Ambulance Trusts to offer the assistance of providers to assist NHS efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting, Alan Howson (IAA Executive Chairman) said:

“Independent ambulance providers have vehicles and fully trained staff (many of them former NHS staff) who can provide assistance to the NHS in its efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic.’

Alan Howson, Executive Chairman, IAA

“Several of our Members are already providing support on a local basis through agreed Resilience Plans but there is much more they can do.’

“For example, those who would normally provide full medical cover at sporting events and similar and high dependency patient transfers have resources the NHS could easily use.’

“Our Members also have a significant number of non-emergency vehicles capable of transferring a range of patients, vehicles NHS Ambulance Trusts simply don’t have.’

“We have reached out to the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives to offer our assistance to NHS Ambulance Trusts at this time and look forward to their response.”

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