Drive-Thru Corona Checks: The How To Guide

As the spread of the Corona virus in Israel, and in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s instructions, Magen David Adom is preparing to significantly increase the number of samples taken throughout the country, to thousands of samples a day.

On Friday, MDA began piloting a joint “Go –through Corona Testing” complex for Magen David Adom and the Ministry of Health, at the Ganei Yehoshua Complex in Tel Aviv.

Approximately 900 people in isolation and developed symptoms are expected to be sampled were invited by MDA to arrive to the complex, and be tested while sitting in their private vehicles.

Anyone who is in isolation and has developed symptoms should call MDA 101 hotline.

His request is forwarded to the physician to confirm sampling. At this point, a person who has the option of arriving in a private vehicle, without the use of public transportation and not a cooperative vehicle, will make an appointment for the “Go –through Corona Testing” complex.

Then, the person receiving a message (SMS) with a link to fill in personal information, and after entering the details, will receive a QR code directly to their phone.

Only after receiving a QR code can the testing compound be reached, at the appointed time, and in a private vehicle with closed windows. Besides the mobile phone with the QR code, an ID must also be brought.

If you come with a young one who does not have any ID (ID, driver’s license or passport), one of the parents must bring his / her ID along with the attachment containing the child’s details.

If you come with a person who needs assistance during the examination, make sure an adult is sitting next to him in the back seat.

At the entrance to the complex, the phone screen with the received QR code must be displayed through the vehicle window, when it is closed.

This is the only way to enter the compound and conduct the test. The drivers are directed by an inspector to one of the tracks in the complex, stopping at the first of two tents.

Only when you get the order you move on to the next tent.

Upon arrival in the second tent, open the driver’s window, and show the barcode reader that is placed in the mobile phone with the QR code, until approval from the controller sitting several meters away.

If there are multiple samples in the vehicle, the driver must present the barcode reader to everyone’s codes. After obtaining the permit for each sample, proceed within the tent several feet ahead.

Upon arriving to the sampling position — MDA paramedic who wears a full protective kit takes the sample, and passes it on to another nearby MDA team member, who is also protected, who passes the sample to neatly refrigerator until it is taken to the laboratory for testing.

As soon as the samples are taken, the driver must close the vehicle windows and drive back to their home. Magen David Adom would like to emphasise that at no point in the process should anyone get out of the vehicle or open windows, except when requested to do so by anyone working for MDA.

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