Corona Online: Automatic Response on the ‘My MDA App’

As a service to the public, Magen David Adom has launched a digital questionnaire in the ‘My MDA’ app.

By filling in the questionnaire, users can determine the appropriate guidelines for their individual case, and the steps they should take to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The automated questionnaire includes questions regarding travel abroad or current symptoms.

Based on the answers provided, the app will automatically direct the caller to the MDA 101 Emergency Call Centre or, alternatively, to continue his or her routine.

Ido Rosenblat, MDA’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), explained: “In the last few days, we received tens of thousands of inquiries from concerned citizens asking about the corona virus.’

“We have mapped out the questions that most concern the public, and created a comprehensive questionnaire. The user enters the app, and answers the structured questions aimed at determining their risk of contracting Corona.’

“Based on the user’s answers, instructions will be given in the app on how to continue forward, and required treatment.”

Since the time of writing, more than 25,000 calls have been received at MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Centre, compared to about 5,500 received during a routine day.

This is a significant increase, with most calls being received from citizens seeking answers about the corona virus.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin, stated: “MDA EMTs and paramedics continue to take samples from patients who are quarantined, and have reported symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, and in accordance with a district physician’s decision and who meet the criteria determined by the Ministry of Health to have a sample taken to be tested.’

“We urge the public to use the app and acquire the initial information they need. This will help to make the information easily and quickly accessible, and also to relieve the burden at the Dispatch Centres, which is required in order to continue routine life-saving activities.”

You can download My MDA application at:

MDA emphasises that in cases where there are no physical symptoms, general details and guidelines regarding the corona virus can also be found at the Ministry of Health website, the Health Ministry hotline at *5400 or the HMO hotlines, as well as the ‘My MDA’ app.

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