MDA Extends the Deployment of Defibrillators in the North of Israel

Twelve MDA CPR stands were posted in various communities in the north of the country in the past month, including Yarka, Rameh, Arraba, Yanuh-Jat, Granot HaGalil, Arab al-Aramshe, Sha’ab, Kabul, Peki’in, Deir al-Asad, Kaukab Abu al-Hijaand and  Hurfeish.

In addition to a defibrillator, in each stand there are also two EpiPen injectors for life-saving in the event of a severe allergy attack.

In each of the communities, between 10 to 20 residents were trained to be Life Guardians at Magen David Adom.

They have been trained and connected to the MDA First Responders App, so that in the event of a life-threatening case, such as cardiac arrest or anaphylactic shock, near them, they will be alerted and able to provide life-saving medical care until the ambulance arrives.

MDA is continuing to install CPR stands and training Life Guardians in the north of the country, and in the coming weeks defibrillators will be installed in ten other communities.

Senior EMT Sameeh Abd Elkader, who has instructed the Life Guardians in the communities, explained: “Providing an initial medical response in as short time as possible is critical to saving lives in various cases, such as cardiac arrest and an acute allergy attack.’

“The twelve resuscitation stands and one hundred and fifty Life Guardians we trained will improve the initial medical response in communities, in the first and critical minutes until the arrival of MDA teams.”

MDA Director General Eli Bin added: “Expanding the placing of defibrillators in communities in the North of the country is real news for the public.’

“In the event that a person suffers from cardiac arrest and collapses, civilians, even without medical knowledge, will be able to be guided by paramedics at MDA’s 101 Emergency Line, quickly bring the device and give the patient a life-saving electric shock.’

“This is in the first and critical minutes until the arrival of MDA teams. This is an important collaboration of the Ministry of Health, Magen David Adom and the communities, whose entire purpose is to improve the medical response in cases where every minute can make the difference between death and return to life. “

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