EMT Couple: Rescuing Lives Together Brings Us Together


Tom and Nechama Eisenman live together with their three children in Beit Shemesh and are often busy as ever racing to people’s aid either by ambucycle or with their own private vehicle as volunteers for United Hatzalah.

On a recent Friday afternoon, Tom was busy with Shabbat preparations when he was alerted to a child who had been struck by a car.

The dedicated volunteer dashed outside, hopped on his ambucycle and sped to the nearby address, arriving within just 60 seconds!

As Tom immediately began providing critical lifesaving intervention to the seriously injured 6-year-old boy, another United Hatzalah ambucycle medic arrived and assisted Tom in bandaging the boy’s wounds, affixing a neck brace for C-spine stabilization and immobilizing him.

Tom and Nechama after responding to what turned out be Nechama’s first call after graduating as an EMT the night before

About 5 minutes later, an ambulance crew arrived and joined in the rescue effort.

Tom administered Oxygen as the team worked feverishly to stabilize the boy’s condition before rapidly transporting him to the nearest trauma center.

In another incident, the following Sunday morning, a public bus suddenly jerked to a stop, sending a passenger flying forward. The woman screamed as she crashed down to the bus floor, suffering multiple injuries.

Alarmed co-passengers immediately called for help and United Hatzalah dispatch alerted its closest volunteers. Tom leaped upon his ambucycle once again and raced to the accident scene in record time.

Tom arrives on-scene to Nechama’s first emergency call

As he pulled up to the bus, he was surprised to see a very familiar face; his wife in her orange United Hatzalah vest.

Nechama had just celebrated her EMT course graduation the night before and this was her very first call. 

The husband-and-wife life-saving duo boarded the bus together and approached the injured victim.

The 45-year-old woman had suffered bruising from the fall and complained of hitting her head and of feeling weak and dizzy.

Nechama and Tom reassured the woman as they checked her vitals and treated her wounds. Having stayed with the woman until the arrival of an ambulance, the pair of medics parted ways until they would meet back home later that evening.

Since then they have been responding to calls together almost daily. 

Speaking about responding to calls with his significant other, Tom said: “Responding together as a couple is awesome. Doing something that I enjoy so much, assisting people and saving lives, is so much better when I can do it with the person that I love so much’

“For years I’ve been responding to calls on my own and now that Nechama has joined it becomes so much more meaningful to share these experiences with her.’

Tom and Nechama: two halves of the perfect team

“We speak the same language and when we respond it gives our time together a lot of meaning knowing that we at any moment we can, and often are, pulled away to respond to emergencies.”

Nechama further added: “What I love about volunteering with my spouse, is that it is really cool to see a whole new dimension of my husband’s personality, and for him to see a new part of mine.’

“Even though we’ve been married for nine years, volunteering together allowed us to see new parts of each other.

“It is also a combination of two of my favorite things.’

“I love being able to help people and being equipped to handle a situation that a few months ago I had no idea how to handle. I also love spending time with my husband and this way we can do both.’

“Just like in our marriage, we balance each other out and we can now bring that to the table in the EMT arena.’

“We each have different ways of how we interact with the patients and we compliment each other. It becomes a very holistic type of approach. He has his calmness and I have my empathy. We make a great tag team.”  

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