A Young Girl’s Dream


Less than two years ago Maya Reooveny (10) of Gedera, sadly lost her little sister, Inbar, who was herself just 6 and a half years old.

At the beginning of the school year, Maya joined the “Tayeset” (squadron) program to develop and adopt leadership among youth of the The Ramon Foundation. With their help, she was able to strengthen her self-confidence and various other skills.

Maya receives a tour of the ambulances from Haim

When Yifat Azriel, Maya’s counselor, heard about her dream of becoming a life-saver, she embarked on a mission to join Maya with MDA in order to allow her, at a young age, to be exposed to the world of medical care for sick patients and those injured in the State of Israel.

Last week, Maya arrived at the national operation dispatch center of Magen David Adom in Kiryat Ono. She was given a tour of the ambulances, including the intensive care unit and the MDA 101 Emergency Dispatch Center.

She also had the opportunity to meet the EMTs and paramedics who do what she dreams of doing: saving lives. Haim Karadi, Director of the Lachish region, guided Maya through the tour, whilst providing her with a personal first aid lesson.

“I have always loved helping people,” Maya explained. “The day that Inbar collapsed, my mother and I went to the hospital. I happened to pass by the room where they were performing CPR, and the door was opened. I saw her connected to a whole bunch of machines, and then the door closed.’

Maya Reooveny and Haim Karadi, Director of MDA’s Lachish region, at the MDA 101 Dispatch Center

“The medical field has always interested me, but since that day, it has grown to be more and more. It is important for me to know what to do in these situations and not to be helpless.’

“I had an amazing experience with MDA. I learned a lot from Haim, and all about the technology that is being used in the MDA dispatch center.”

Yifat Azriel of The Ramon Foundation said, “Our motto in the ‘Tayeset’ program is: ‘To dream, to dare, to inspire.’ When I realized that Maya’s dream was to care for people, I approached MDA, who promptly responded to my request, and together we were able to provide her with a taste into the world of medicine and life-saving, which is so intriguing to her.’

Maya and Haim at MDA’s 101 Dispatch Center

Haim Karadi, Director of MDA’s Lachish region commented on his appreciation of acting as Maya’s guide for the day, stating: “It is not every day that you get the privilege to meet such a mature and smart girl, genuinely willing to help people and to save lives, already from such a young age.’

“It was an honor to teach Maya, and to show her the world of medical care that interests her so much.”

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