A Running Marathon Miracle


Exactly one year ago, Shachar David (46) from Dimona was running in the Dead Sea Marathon, when his heart stopped beating, and he collapsed mid-race.

One of the participants in the marathon who happened to run next to him, was Meir Furmanski from Jerusalem, who volunteers as an EMT at Magen David Adom. He immediately began performing CPR, and saved David’s life.

Shachar David and Meir Furmanski

After intense rehabilitation, they had a heart-warming experience, when they ran the same marathon last Friday, this time side by side.

“Running the same run, in the same place, with the person who saved my life, was truly a remedial experience,” said Shachar David.

“If someone would have told me a year ago what I was about to encounter, I would not have believed it, but after the fact, it was clear to me that I had to get back to my myself, and I am proud to say that I was able to do that. “

Shachar David and Meir Furmanski

Meir Furmanski added: “It was a bit strange when we met at the starting point, but also very exciting to stand there together.’

“It’s amazing to see this miracle right in front of my eyes, and to know that I have taken a part in it. I have been running regularly for many years, but there is no other run, that both prior to, and during, I was so excited for.”

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