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It’s no secret that ambulance crews rely heavily on technology to support their daily work lives. More and more, they are turning towards rugged, stronger devices in order to withstand the often harsh environments which they operate in Read More…

St John Ambulance Service in East Midlands Rated ‘Good’ by CQC: First Official Rating for the First Aid Charity Today St John Ambulance East Midlands received its first rating from the Quality Care Commission and was awarded ‘good’. The rating comes after an inspection was announced at short notice in August last year and the CQC acknowledged improvements that have been made in the charitable service since the previous inspection in 2017. Both […]

United in Benevolence: An Interview with Eli Beer, Founder & President of United Hatzalah of Israel MARK WEINER: What sort of person volunteers with United Hatzalah–do your volunteers share a common social background or professional profile? In the United States, for instance, many EMS volunteers come from families who have generations of volunteer EMS service. ELI BEER: The amazing thing about United Hatzalah (U.H) is that everyone volunteers with us. […]

Voluntarily Independent: An Interview with Magnus Hagiwara, Ph.D. Magnus Andersson Hagiwara, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at PreHospen, the Center for Prehospital Research, in the Department of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare at the University of Borås, Sweden. MARK WEINER: What role do volunteers hold within Swedish EMS? Are there any volunteers within either the re or ambulance services? MAGNUS ANDERSSON […]